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Coconut ice cream

We have exhibited a negligent tendency to neglect desserts at britishfoodinamerica, a foolish oversight given the great British tradition of puddings and sweets. We begin to rectify the omission with this delightful, and easy, Caribbean ice cream. This recipe does not require an ice cream maker but you could use it if you have one.

milk-can.jpg-14 oz canned coconut milk
-14 oz canned condensed milk
-14 oz canned evaporated milk
-½ teaspoon almond essence
-some grated nutmeg

  1. Whisk everything together until it doubles in volume; an electric mixer is almost a requirement.
  2. Freeze the ice cream overnight.



- Caribbean cooks use a lot of evaporated and condensed milk, a reflection both of the pronounced regional sweet tooth and a historic reliance, which became a traditional fondness, for canned goods.

- The almond flavoring is distinctively Caribbean and if you like it, go ahead and increase the amount in the recipe. Alternatively, or additionally, use a little vanilla essence.