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A Menu For an English Dinner Served by the Editor to 16 Goddesses

For the Gourmet Goddesses, 16 August 2013


Cheese straws; olives stuffed variously with anchovies and smoked salmon


Potted Shrimp I (18th century coastal Lancashire)

Potted Shrimp II (Eliza Acton 1845)


Black puddings with apples and Madeira
(North of England; traditional)


Kidneys in the style of the Duke of Clarence
(1765 – 1837)


Pastry parcels of beef tenderloin with mushrooms and Madeira (Parson Woodforde 1791)


Celery braised in Madeira
(Noel Cossart, 1950s, Madeira)


Watercress dressed with English salad cream or Riesling vinaigrette


Hydroponic pudding
(mid-nineteenth century England)


Madeira syllabub (18th century England)


English cheeses (in absentia)


Served with 1793 Charleston Light Dragoons Punch and a selection of choice

Champagnes, Rhenish Rieslings, Burgundies and Madeiras


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