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Curried crackers.

Ambrose Heath intended these simple savories for picnics but they are outstanding to pass around with drinks.


“Butter some small thin water biscuits, and sprinkle each well with salt and curry powder. Put them, curry side upwards, in a frying-pan in which you have first heated some butter or oil, and fry them, basting them with the fat until the top side is cooked enough to turn. Then turn them over and fry the other side. Take the pan off the fire and baste them again with what fat remains. Drain until cold.” Ambrose Heath, Good Sandwiches & Picnic Dishes (London 1948) 89



-Biscuits of course are crackers.

-Our experimentation indicates that the best result comes from cooking the crackers over medium low heat.

-Butter, always unsalted, is far superior to oil for making curried crackers.

-Carr’s and Wellington water crackers are widely available. ‘High bake’ water biscuits are even better and proprietary supermarket brands in Britain are surprisingly good. Unfortunately they are not sold in the United States.