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Chutney Butter

We previously have shared our enthusiasm for compound butter with the readers of britishfoodinamerica in our ninth, double summer number. Here is another good one.

Chutney Dragon-2 oz chutney of your choice
-3 oz unsalted butter
-lemon (or lime, as appropriate; see the notes) juice

  1. Cream the chutney and butter together, then work in the lemon juice; season generously with cayenne and judiciously with salt.
  2. Integrate the compound butter carefully in a food processor or blender; do not overdo it or the texture will suffer.


- The choice of chutney is up to you. If you select the excellent coriander from Swad, a Thing We Like, use lime juice; for Major Grey’s, mango, the Editor’s peach and most other varieties of chutney, use lemon juice.

- The highest and best use of chutney butter is plunked onto grilled chicken, whether or not you have marinated it. We like a marinade of chilies, chopped coriander, garlic, ponzu and sesame oil.