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The Fortnum & Mason Threepenny Mary cocktail for the holidays

The Fortnum & Mason Threepenny Mary cocktail for the holidays is both complicated and festive and may be, should be, assembled in advance to steep, so it is handy for a crowd. Alchemy; our version is more accessible to Americans than the Fortnums original, which uses a measure of orange marmalade vodka for the bitters. Proportions may be doubled, tripled or otherwise increased at constant proportion.



  • 100 parts tomato juice
  • 20 parts vodka
  • 5 parts smoky, peaty Islay single malt Scotch
  • 5 parts Worcestershire
  • 2½ parts Amontillado Sherry
  • healthy splash of orange bitters
  • a trace of liquid beef extract (see the Notes)
  • lemon juice for service
  • the garnish or garnishes of your choice



Mix everything but the lemon and garnish together and let it steep, overnight or longer, befor service over ice with the lemon and garnish(es).


-If you can get, and are willing to spring for, Sir Nigel’s Orange Marmalade Vodka, replace a quarter of the conventional vodka with it and omit the bitters.

-The perfect beefy accent for this formula is Kitchen Accomplice reduced sodium beef extract.