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Sardine sandwiches

Sardine sandwiches have been a favourite for generations,” according to Helen Simpson, in Britain anyway if not the United States. Her straightforward recipe from The London Ritz Book of Afternoon Tea (New York 1986) requires no elaboration or addition other, perhaps, than hot sauce.

“Mash some drained tinned sardines with a fork. Add a couple of squeezes of lemon juice. Butter thinly-sliced brown bread, spread with the sharply-flavoured sardine paste and cover with the second buttered slice. Cut the crusts off.” (Simpson 23)




-‘Brown bread’ ought to be self-explanatory but just in case it often is called whole wheat in the United States.

-The better the sardines, the better the sardine sandwich. If you are lucky enough to find a can of French Sardines a l’ancienne or millesmees, willingly pay the worthwhile freight.