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Bangers & Mash with Onion Gravy.

This is not really a recipe, but a guidance note for a dish I have made hundreds of times. Therefore, I have got it completely wrong on a number of occasions. Here is how to get it right:


Use a heavy non-stick frying pan. You can cook sausages in the oven and you can grill them too, but I find that they dry out and lose their succulence. Some idiot once told me that you could poach them. I tried it and they were horrible.

No, a frying pan is the only utensil that can do a sausage justice.

Never prick a sausage. You will let all of the juices out and spoil the cooking process. Cook on a very low heat for 15 to 20 minutes, turning frequently (the sausages, not you). Never leave unattended. Not only do they deserve your undivided attention, but if they overheat they can explode or split. That is why we call them bangers.


Use floury potatoes. If they are good enough for baking, they are good enough for mashing. Boil in salted water for 20 minutes. Drain and mash. I always use white pepper, a dash of milk and some butter. I sometimes put a clove of garlic into the boil. You can add cheese to the cooked potatoes. Chopped chives work well too.

Onion Gravy:

Allow 1½ medium onions per person. Sweat the onions in a little oil in a non-stick pan. Season. Add 1 pint of beef stock. This can be a stock cube in boiling water. Turn up the heat and keep stirring, reducing the gravy to the required consistency. Enjoy.

©2009, Charlie Burling, Wotton-Under-Edge, Gloucestershire, England.