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Planters Punch - a poem

Bonus summer boozy poesy feature

Planter’s punch is a traditional British drink with origins in the Caribbean. In “Drinking in Warm Weather,” Bruce Blunt presents the classic rhyming recipe:

“1 of sharp--fresh lemon or lime juice
2 of sweet--sugar
3 of strong--rum
4 of weak--water, ice”

Blunt adds, however, that he finds the proportions “[a] trifle acid, I think, so that the figure for rum could well be changed to 4. The rum should be Martinique or very light Jamaican.” (from Pat Davis [ed.], Oysters & Champagne (London 1986)

Black Cat Superior Rum

We've never tried this one.

The Editor agrees with Blunt on increasing the rum ration but, to further improve the potion without degrading the rhyming scheme, only uses lime juice, never uses water because of mixture of orange and pineapple juices tastes better and prefers a darker rum, sometimes Mount Gay but usually Coruba or, if prudence be damned, the distinctly robust Wood’s Navy Rum weighing in at 57% alcohol.

Black Heart Rum

Or this one.