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Mustard Butter

Mustard butter is a plainer cousin to the devil but has a congenial personality. It is particularly good with grilled pork chops, which can use the fat, and beef steaks. The recipe is adapted from Great British Food (London 2010) by Patrick Clayton-Malone, Dominic Lake and Cass Titcombe, the proprietors of the Canteen restaurant and design group in London. If the recipes from their book are relatively straightforward and few, they are clear and useful too. This is typical of them.

Colman's Mustard-4 oz soft unsalted butter
-2 teaspoons mustard powder (Colman’s)
-1 Tablespoon wholegrain mustard
-1 teaspoon yellow mustard seeds
Mix everything together and chill before service.


- A major attribute of this compound butter is texture, so take the time to put it together by hand rather than with a food processor.

- The Canteen version of the recipe uses about a third again as much butter in proportion.