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Grilled oysters.

This is not really a recipe for grilled oysters (you do not need much guidance) but rather a minimalist one for the sauce that the Editor dribbles over them. The amount that you make depends on the number of oysters you want to grill. Charcoal is essential.

sauce-boat092.jpg-minced celery, chili and onion in equal proportion
-salt and pepper
-enough good olive oil to rise about halfway up the height of your vegetables in a small skillet
-lemon juice to taste

  1. Cook the vegetables with the salt and pepper in the olive oil over low heat until they soften, then add the lemon juice.
  2. Get your grill very hot.
  3. Keep the sauce warm by perching the skillet at a side of the grill.
  4. Scatter the oysters across the grill and remove them as soon as they show any inclination to open.
  5. Pry open each shell, daub it with sauce and pass the oysters around.


- The best way to eat grilled oysters is sloppily, standing around the grill together like vultures. That way everybody can assist in opening and saucing to ensure that the oysters get eaten hot.

- Try not to burn yourself.

- You will want good cold beer.