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of British foodways.


Banned Substances:

Our Zero Tolerance Zone

britishfoodinamerica declines to dignify these subjects with discussion or description.

  • deep fried Mars bars
  • the eating of rats in Patrick O’Brien novels
  • anything labeled ‘lite’
  • ‘light’ beers
  • English lager beers (except to loathe)
  • Olde English 800 malt liquor
  • French beer
  • French ‘Scotch’ whisky
  • Japanese ‘Scotch’ whisky
  • the word ‘deliciousness’
  • prudery in Puritan New England
  • Victorian prudery
  • the ‘hilarity’ of the culinary term ‘faggot’
  • the ‘hilarity of ‘spotted dick’
  • ‘quaint’ English tearooms in America (except to mock)
  • vegan ‘food’
  • vegetarian hot dogs
  • Oscar Meyer hot dogs
  • British weather
  • British tabloid newspapers
  • the inauthenticity of curry powder
  • the inauthenticity of British curries
  • the evils of the British empire
  • Marcus Rediker
  • Antonin Scalia (except to despair)
  • Ted Cruz (see both previous entry and ‘English lager beers’
  • high fructose corn syrup
  • jars of readymade tomato sauce for pasta (see previous entry)
  • reconstituted lemon juice in plastic bottles shaped like lemons (although the bottles themselves are somewhat whimsical)
  • jars of diced garlic (bitter!)
  • commercial ketchup other than Heinz
  • “foodie”
  • canola oil