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Dublin lawyer.

A simple preparation for lobster that belies the complexity and richness of the dish, this, like coddle, really is indigenous to Dublin. If our recipe for lobster stew appears daunting in its complexity, serving Dublin Lawyer for your friends is an attractive alternative. Two servings that may be doubled, tripled….



-about 1 lb cooked shelled lobster chunks
-4 Tablespoons unsalted butter
-4 Tablespoons warmed Irish whiskey
-½ cup heavy cream
-pinch of cayenne
-salt and pepper


  1. Melt the butter until foamy over medium high heat, then quickly stir in the lobster just to heat it through.
  2. Add the warm whiskey to the lobster and light it.
  3. Once the flames disappear, season the lobster, add the cream, heat it in turn and serve the Lawyer immediately.


- Traditionally Dublin Lawyer would have been served in the split tail shell of the lobster accompanied by rice.

- The Editor recommends Bushmill or Power’s whiskey; Bushmill’s Black Bush costs more but has an agreeable depth of flavor. You need not use a malt, many of which (but not excellent Redbreast or hideously expensive Midleton) anyway are inferior to the blended Black Bush. The Editor does not like Jameson’s thin, one-dimensional and cloying sweetness.

- Shrimp or crawfish are suitable if not authentic alternatives to the lobster: The recipe remains unchanged.