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A note on Guinness Foreign Extra.
Traditional strong bottled stout now is available as Guinness Foreign Extra, or available again, in the United States. This is the flavor of standard bottled Guinness before the family sold out to an inauthentic international behemoth, robust enough to stand up to a blue cheese and canned sardines forty years ago, clandestinely drunken in an Andover dorm.

A traveler’s note; the beer! the beer!...
and books!, at Heathrow no less.

London’s Heathrow Airport has been justifiably dreaded for its laborious terminal connections, chaotic layout and long, long walkways. In the past the facilities there left a great deal to be desired, but in fairness Heathrow no longer resembles the sinkhole of old. If things have improved from a low base, the excess of retail outlets haunted by aggressive hawkers of useless ‘luxury’ goods only adds trauma to the inherently stressful ordeal of airline travel in this era of edgy security checks.

A wolf gives a gift of coddle and champions the can.
A Wolf in the Kitchen introduced us to Dublin coddle, and for that alone we would be grateful to its author, Lindsey Bareham. Bareham is a distinguished writer of cookbooks and prolific columnist, but that tale is for another time. Back to the Wolf, its subtitle sets the tone; “easy food for hungry people.”

A return, of sorts, to historical form: The Plagiarist in the Kitchen by Jonathan Meades.
In 1939, Flann O’Brien published At Swim-Two-Birds. Nothing about it, he insisted, was new. All the characters, the competing and contradictory narratives, are stolen. According to Anne Clissman, by the end “it has presented some 36 different styles and 42 extracts.” (Hopper) Ironically, O’Brien’s mining of literary form and content created something original, a hallucinatory universe in which the characters render an author who created them incapacitated in their effort to wrest control of their destinies from him.

All in the Cooking: An icon of twentieth century Ireland.
All in the Cooking first appeared in 1946, when the reputation of Irish food was famously and justly poor. It would remain the standard text in Irish schools for three decades. All in the Cooking arguably represents the first actually Irish cookbook, a rather extraordinary thing considering its original date of publication.

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