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Chicken Fricassee with White Sauce From Révérende Mère Caron

Translated (with some difficulty) from Directions Diverses Donnees en 1878, par La Révérende Mère Caron alors supérieure générale des Soeurs De Charité De La Providence pour aider ses Soeurs a former de bonnes cuisinières. It was reissued in paperback by Les Editions de Montreal in 1975.


Cut the chicken into pieces that you sprinkle with flour: Place them back in a pan with salt, pepper, onion and parsley, and roast them in the oven. Once roasted, add a pint of water for two chickens, and boil for three quarters of an hour. Beat two egg yolks and a “top” of cream (Ed. This must refer to the amount of cream that would be on top of a milk bottle. Just add enough to make the mixture creamy and off-white). Add the egg mixture to the chicken and stir, just after you remove the chicken from the flame.