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Anchovy & Olive Sandwiches

Simple, strange and surprisingly good, they also mirror a theme of this number.

“Pound the anchovies with stoned olives. Mix in a little cayenne.”


- You may want to temper the assertiveness of the anchovies with a little unsalted butter or cream cheese.

- Blakeston does not specify whether to use black or green olives; we prefer green.

- Sefton sandwiches are a (slightly) more complicated essay on the fishy theme; “Pound sardines with butter and an equal amount of cheese. Add salt and pepper, cayenne, lemon juice. Moisten with cream. Rub through a sieve.” Or zap in a food processor. The type of cheese is not indicated; any hard English cheese or Parmesan, but nothing blue, will do.

- It is unclear why Blakeston names this third variation “Turkish sandwiches,” but he does: “Pound hard-boiled eggs, anchovies, peeled shrimps, with butter in the mortar. Season with salt and pepper and made [prepared] mustard. Bind with mayonnaise.” Proportions are not specified, which is just as well; individual taste and budget should dictate terms. Once again, modernists will want to use a food processor.